Venue FA Q

Are we able to bring our own service providers [Catering/Decor]?

> Yes, we are a self-catering venue.


Do you provide chairs and tables?

> No, we are a self-catering venue.


Do you have enough parking?

> Yes, the parking is outside the estate, in the field next to the venue.


Can we bring our own drinks?

> Yes, there is a corkage fee involved.


Where are we able to take photos?

> Anywhere on the estate - in the beautiful landscaped gardens, Hilltop House, the sugar cane fields to name a few..


What are the cut off times?

> For a Day Event - the Cut off Time is 18:00pm.

> For a Night Event - the Cut off Time is strictly Midnight, and for weddings we ask the Wedding Party to take all the rooms.


What is the Check Out Time the next day?

> It is at 10:30am.

de Charmoy Estate Venues close for events from 16 Dec to 2 Jan.

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