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Venue FA Q

Are we able to bring our own service providers [Catering/Decor]?

> Yes, we are a self-catering venue.


Do you provide chairs and tables?

> No, we are a self-catering venue.


Do you have enough parking?

> Yes, the parking is outside the estate, in the field next to the venue.


Can we bring our own drinks?

> Yes, there is a corkage fee involved.


Where are we able to take photos?

> Anywhere on the estate - in the beautiful landscaped gardens, Hilltop House, the sugar cane fields to name a few..


What are the cut off times?

> For a Day Event - the Cut off Time is 18:00pm.

> For a Night Event - the Cut off Time is strictly Midnight, and for weddings we ask the Wedding Party to take all the rooms.


What is the Check Out Time the next day?

> It is at 10:30am


Are there any days  where events are not allowed?

de Charmoy Estate Venues are closed for events from 16 Dec to 2 Jan.

> What Packages do you have and what is your Quotation Policy?

We value transparency and strive to provide accurate and consistent information to our customers. To ensure clarity and avoid miscommunication, we only honor quotations that are provided in writing. Verbal quotations, whether provided in person or over the phone, will not be considered binding or official.

By requesting a written quotation, you can have a documented record of the details, terms, and conditions provided. This practice allows us to maintain a high level of accuracy and helps in addressing any potential discrepancies that may arise.

To request a written quotation, please reach out to our team through the designated channels mentioned on our website. We will promptly provide you with a comprehensive and official written quotation that outlines the specific products, services, pricing, and any other relevant information.

Please note that verbal discussions or estimates do not constitute a formal quotation and may be subject to change. Our written quotations are valid for the period specified in the document, and any modifications or updates will be communicated to you in writing.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in adhering to our quotation policy. If you have any questions or require further clarification, please don't hesitate to contact our team.

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